In the month of March 2019, ~17.4 Lakh vehicles were registered through Vahan. Two Wheelers (Non Transport) accounted for highest contribution of 13.3 lakh registrations, while among various ‘Fuel Type’, registration of Petrol vehicles was maximum at 14.57 lakhs.

Sarathi enabled issuance of ~16.7 Lakh driving licenses in the Country, comprising of new licenses (6.4 lacs) as well as various transactions on existing licenses (10.3 lacs).

The total revenue collected through Vahan was ~Rs. 4389 crores, and that through Sarathi was ~Rs 171 crores. The figures for other applications/services are equally impressive.


KPIs March 2019
Revenue collected Rs. 4,389.31 Cr
Number of Vehicle Registrations 17.41 Lakhs
Number of Transactions 63.99 Lakhs
Number of Permits 1.8 Lakhs


KPIs March 2019
Revenue Collected Rs. 171.49 Cr
Number of Learner’s Licenses 10.23 Lakhs
Number of Driving Licenses 6.43 Lakhs
Number of Applications 26.46 Lakhs
Number of Appointments 19.16 Lakhs


KPIs March 2019
Revenue Collected Rs. 114 Cr
Number of e-challans issued 7.59 Lakhs
m-Parivahan: Total number of downloads have reached 52 Lacs+
Total number of SMS/ alerts sent to users in March 2019: 5.25Cr