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Government of India
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

All Forms

S.No Form Category Form No Description
1 Driving License Form 1 A Medical Certificate
2 Driving License Form 2 Form of Application for Learner’s License /Driving License / Addition of a New Class of Vehicle/Renewal of Driving License/Change of Address Or Name
3 Driving License Form 3 Learner’s Licence
4 Driving License Form 4 A Form of Application for issue of international driving permit to drive a motor vehicle in other countries
5 Driving License Form 5 Driving Certificate issued by Driving School of Establishments
6 Driving License Form 6 Form of Driving License
  Driving License Form 6 A International Driving Permit
7 Driving License Form 7 Form for Driving Licence (Laminated / Smart Card Type)
8 Driving License Form 8 Form of Application for permanent surrender of Class or Classes of vehicles from Driving License
10 Driving License Form 10 State Register of Driving Licence
  Driving License Form 10A Form of national register of driving licenses
11 Driving License Form 11 Form of Licence for the Establishment of a Motor Driving School
12 Driving License Form 12 Form of Application for a Licence to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles
13 Driving License Form 13 Form of Application for Renewing a Licence to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles
14 Driving License Form 14 Register showing the Enrolment of Trainee(s) in the Driving School Establishments
15 Driving License Form 15 Register Showing the Driving Hours spent by a Trainee
16 Motor vehicles Dealer Related Form 16 Form of Application for Grant or Renewal of Trade Certificate
17 Motor vehicles Dealer Related Form 17 Form of Trade Certificate
18 Motor vehicles Dealer Related Form 18 Intimation of Loss of Destruction of a Trade Certificate and Application for Duplicate
19 Motor vehicles Dealer Related Form 19 Register to be maintained by the Holder of Trade Certificate
20 Vehicles Related Form 20 Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle
20 Vehicles Related Form 20B Application for extension of period of temporary registration
21 Vehicles Related Form 21 Sale Certificate
22 Vehicles Related Form 22 Certificate Road-Worthiness
  Vehicles Related Form 22 A Certificate of Compliance with Pollution Standards, Safety Standards of Components and Road Worthiness (for Vehicles where body is Fabricated Separately)
  Vehicles Related Form 22 C Request and permission for alteration / Retrofitment/ adaptation
  Vehicles Related Form 22 D Endorsement of alteration / Retrofitment
  Vehicles Related Form 22 E Request for endorsement of adaptation
  Vehicles Related Form 22 F Compliance report for alternation/Retrofitment
  Vehicles Related Form 22 G Compliance report for adaptation of motor vehicle
23 Vehicles Related Form 23 Certificate of Registration
  Vehicles Related Form 23 A Certificate or Registration (in Electronic Medium as Smart Card, etc.)
  Vehicles Related Form 23 B Temporary certificate of registration
24 Vehicles Related Form 24 Registration of Motor Vehicle
25 Vehicles Related Form 25 Form of Application for Renewal of certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicle, other than a Transport Vehicle
26 Vehicles Related Form 26 Application for the Issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration
27 Vehicles Related Form 27 Application for Assignment of New Registration Mark to a Motor Vehicle
28 Vehicles Related Form 28 Application and Grant of No Objection Certificate
29 Vehicles Related Form 29 Notice of Transport of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle
30 Vehicles Related Form 30 Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor vehicle
31 Vehicles Related Form 31 Application for Transfer of Ownership in the Name of the person Succeeding to the Possession of the Vehicle
32 Vehicles Related Form 32 Application for Transfer of Ownership in case of a Motor Vehicle Purchased or Acquired in Public Auction
33 Vehicles Related Form 33 Intimation of Chang of Address Recording in the Certificate of Registration and Office Record
34 Vehicles Related Form 34 Application for Making an Entry of an Agreement of Hire-Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation Subsequent to Registration
35 Vehicles Related Form 35 Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire-Purchase / Lease/ Hypothecation
36 Vehicles Related Form 36 Application for Issue of a Fresh Certificate of Registration in the Name of the Financer
37 Vehicles Related Form 37 Notice to the Registered Owner of the Motor Vehicle to Surrender The Certificate of Registered for Cancellation and issue of fresh Registration Certificate in the Name of the Financier.
38 Vehicles Related Form 38 Certificate of Fitness (Applicable in the case of Transport Vehicles only)
  Vehicles Related Form 38 A Report of Inspection
39 Vehicles Related Form 39 Form of Letter of Authority issued to an Authorised Testing Station
40 Vehicles Related Form 40 Application Form for Grant or Renewal of letter of authority
41 Vehicles Related Form 41 State Register of Motor Vehicles
42 Vehicles Related Form 42 Form of Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle by or on Behalf of a Diplomatic/Consular Officer
43 Vehicles Related Form 43 Certificate of Registration of a Motor Vehicle belonging to a Diplomatic of Consular Officer
44 Vehicles Related Form 44 Intimation of Changes of State of Residence and application for Assignment of Fresh Registration mark by or on behalf of a Diplomatic of Consular Officer
45 Permit Related Form 45 Application for Grant of Permit in Respect of Tourist Vehicle
46 Permit Related Form 46 Form of Application for Grant of Authorisation for Tourist Permit or national Permit
47 Permit Related Form 47 Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit
48 Permit Related Form 48 Application for the Grant of National Permit
49 Vehicles Related Form 49 Omitted
50 Vehicles Related Form 50 Bill of Lading
  Vehicle Recall Form 50A Form to be submitted by Investigating Officer to vehicle manufacturer or component manufacturer orimporter or retrofitter, as the case may be of a motor vehicle or component
  Vehicle Recall Form 50B Form to be submitted by Testing Agency to the Investigation Officer
  Vehicle Recall Form 50C Form to be submitted by Investigation Officer to the Central Government
51 Vehicles Related Form 51 Certificate of Insurance – See rule 141
52 Vehicles Related Form 52 Cover Note
53 Vehicles Related Form 53 Certificate in Respect of Exemption of Motor vehicle from Insurance
54 Vehicles Related Form 54 Accident Information Report
55 Vehicles Related Form 55 Application for the approval of a Foreign Insurer
56 Vehicles Related Form 56 Notice to cease to Act as Guarantor
57 Vehicles Related Form 57 Certificate for foreign Insurance
58 Vehicles Related Form 58 Endorsement on certificate of foreign Insurance
  Vehicles Related Form A and B Forms related to Recall Information